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Loved this campaign by Vicks India

It’s time to introduce gender irrespective  pronouns in English (all languages) and more importantly in our thoughts as well.

Few days back while scrolling through my personal facebook Profile, I saw some of my friends shared an advertisement. The number of sharing kept increasing, when ultimately I thought to actually see the advertisement.

The protagonist, a small town girl in her teens traveling in a bus narrates on her mind, that how much she misses her mother when she is send to the boarding school for studies. She recalls how strong is her mother, who made her own life being thrown out of her father's home. The girl's biological mother passed away which she faintly remembers when she was taken by an ambulance. From a child care center, someone(called as "mammi" meaning mother ) adopted her .  Right from the day of adoption when the little girl was sick to now, the caregiver gives care to the orphaned girl as her own daughter. Slowly, the girl holds the hands o…

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