Learnings for Life

Some of the best learnings which I learned in this year.
The first two are learnt from the awesome one-act play by the great Indian artist Anupam Kher, named "Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hein" screened on 3rd January 2010, in NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai.
1) Don't go over your worry twice! once by thinking of it, and once by going through it!
This has been told to Anupam Kher by his grandfather.
2) If you take risk you may get failure, if you don't then you ensure it!

Though the word "best" attributes to a single thing but still it can be pointed out that learning whenever and wherever they are , they are always the "best".

3)The cumulative effect of all the organisms that we touch upon in our lives makes us what we are (as stated by Mr. Sudhakar, Tata Chemicals), in one of the seminars I attended lately.
4) Leaders have the capability to treat others with equality and humanity. Such an impeccable flavour of leadership without the heavy hearted words giving us the feeling of domination, perfectionism, authoritarian is rarely to be found in anybodies definition of leadership.


Nice post Doel...Liked it....
Anonymous said…
Loved your 3rd point above. Keep writing! .... Om
Great Start Doel..Keep it Up!!!

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