I Love you...Rasna

There was queer habit of mine to store the things for the perfect time.

A simple, incident describing this. It was in our school days, when the sachet concept was not in vogue like these days. I got a free sachet of Rasna(a fruit drink, in powder form) from our local grocery shop. I was so excited that I kept it for a long period of time. Each day, when I return from school, I would have seen the sachet on our center-table in the drawing room and thought , I would have it when I would be more tired and thirsty .

Couple of days passed and suddenly on a day I find that sachet no more on it's place.
I searched the entire place, from the pile of newspapers, our telephone diaries (we don't use to have contacts in our cell phone to store the numbers during that time).

Alas! it was not there.

My Brother returned home, and to my surprise he asked me the place from where I got that Rasna sachet? He had it, few days back!!!

My Learning:- Don't wait for the ideal and the perfect situation, whatever and wherever you are you can make it perfect.


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