Uninitialized constant RbReadline::Encoding error while running rake for rails 3.0.0 with ruby 1.8.7 app

Got the above error whenever I was executing rake for my new rails 3.0.0 app in Windows 7.

Comment out the following lines from the rbreadline.rb file under C:\Ruby187\lib\ruby\site_ruby\1.8

This is really a huge file, opening in Word and then adding line numbers in the document may help you in commenting line number 4404. Though it  may sound silly but I am adding the steps to add the line numbers  in word document too.

File -> Page Setup -> Layouts -> Click on line numbers --> continuous

Line no 4404

and the following one

if defined? ''.getbyte
      @encoding = "X"      # ruby 1.9.x or greater
      # @encoding_name = Encoding.default_external.to_s

For details the following URLs are really helpful


Anonymous said…
Doel, you saved my day. Thank you very much.
Sam said…
The bacon has been saved. Thanks!
Doel Sengupta said…
Welcome Sam and all, happy to help more :-)
Andreas said…
Thanks a lot Doel. I had the same problem. Keep it up!

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