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Goal...go go, Santiago

Watched the awesome movie 'Goal' (English). The protagonist Santiago Munez inspires all to chase a dream and I am no exception. The young boy suffered from asthma and tried of hiding  that, fearing he may loose the chance to play in one of the premium football teams. When the selector came to know of this fact, quite contrary to my expectation of a person in such a situation he told, "Asthma is not a problem, but lying is!". What a thought, and what a way of expressing that. Many a times I keep on thinking the different physical criteria which are necessary for applying for  job of our dream, such as in army, air force, ballet dancer or a soccer player.But rare do we listen such a noble thought of handling our physical problems and to deal with it medically rather hiding it.
    Similar to working in a team, be it in our school project to make a poster or to finish up the lab assignments in the college days to our present official deadlines, we need to "Pass the…