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Lately I am trying to get hold of version control tool git. I have worked with svn but git has whole of other options and believe me it is not so bad as your first impression if you are an svn user. First Impression is not the last impression, always. Actually this is not the first, as we need to unlearn  certain things which sometimes makes it tough. Got hold of the below link in case you use both, like me and often get confuse with the syntax.

  1. Download git on windows from
  2. Use git
  • Ssh-keygen –t rsa –C
  • git config --global
  • git config --global “Hi Hello“
  • git config --global github.user hi-hello 
  • git config --global github.token 0987654321yourf0123456789
For some advanced concepts in git
Migrate from svn to git

 Do a SVN Export of the repository you want to migrate to GIT.
 Goto the Directory
 git init
 git add .
 git commit –m ‘Migration from SVN to GIT’
 git remote add origin
 git push origin master

Git Stash
Very often while committing or pushing or pulling our changes in/from remote repository, we get the error message, like "you have local changes, please stash your changes or remove them before pushing". Now that means the local changes are nor allowing them to pull the things (sometimes wither you will have a conflict which you can edit later ) or the stash them. Now what does 'stash' means in git, same as the dictionary meaning To hide or store away in a secret place.


 git stash save “your message for the stash”  --> This command will save your changes away to the stash, and reset your working tree and the index to match the tip of your current branch.

 git stash list --> you can see which stashes you have saved

 git stash pop --> you like to pop out the last stash, similar to pop out an element from a linked-list.

 git stash apply stash@{0} -->you can go back to what you were working on with git stash apply: stash@{0} part? That's your stash ID. The stash ID changes with every stash you make. stash@{0} refers to the last stash you made.

 git stash show -p | git apply –reverse

 git stash clear --> you like to clear out all the stashes.


For using git with Windows this link is really useful :

enjoy !!


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