wired connection error in Vmware

I am recently using VMware with ubuntu for my Ruby on Rails developmental purposes for it's faster. But lately I have faced a weird error after all the initial installations went fine. Whenever I was trying to connect to internet it was failing.
I tries to trouble shoot a lot, ping-ing my host server, fixing the ip related files, reloading the VM updates, running the vm-config-ip tools and many other things from the online forums.
Alas!! nothing worked.

Then I re-installed the Vm-ware and created a new virtual machine and realised re-installation was not required.

Whenever you face such an issue, try creating a new virtual machine.

You can delete the older one, as it takes a lot of space is you are using the softwares related to ruby0rvm, git, packages, gems and IDE, etc. All the virtual machines sre stored under the /Documents/ folder by default. You can just go ther and simple shift+delete the folder from there, which you are not using.

Check the new virtual machine IP connection by pinging the host server.


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