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Rhodes with BB simuIator and various issues

Working with rhodes (mobile application development framework written in ruby) you may need to develop a mobile app for Blackberry. This post will describe about the various thing we may need to remember while configuring the app for a BB device. Following link will give you the details of "how to buy and deploy your code in a BB device".

Here I will be primarily focusing on the development of a rhodes app and testing using a BB simulator.

After installing rhodes, add the BB ver in the rhobuild.yml file (check the spaces anf the formatting in the rhobuild.yml.example file under the rhodes gem folder). Install BB JDE, not the simulators.Add the BB-JDE, Java-JDK in the PATH variable in Windows.Add the paths in the rhobuild.yml for the BB device version you are choosing. Remember the spacing as this is a yml file. The app name at the beginning og the yml file should correspond to the app name for which you want to run. Below are some the common mistakes and errors we get while …

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