Blackberry signing keys for generating production BB build in rhomobile application

For generating a blackberry production build you need to run rake device:bb:production.
But before that, we need to have the signed BB keys. Following are steps, for that:
  1. Request for the BB keys, from the RIM site
  2. Fill in the details, you will be receiving the keys in an hour approx.
  3. Execute the following steps:


To manually register .csi files

  1. Save the three *.csi files received from Research In Motion (RIM) to one of the following directories:

    BlackBerry JDE
    C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE [version]\bin\
    Open a command prompt and change to the directory listed above.
  2. Type the following command, and then press ENTER to execute the command:

    javaw -jar SignatureTool.jar [CSI File Name].csi
  3. If a dialog box appears stating that a private key cannot be found, perform the following actions before continuing:

    1. Click Yes to create a new key pair file.
    2. Type a password for your private key, and re-type it to confirm.
    3. Click OK.
    4. Move your mouse to generate data for a new private key.
  4. In the Registration PIN field, type the personal identification number (PIN) that you either provided to RIM on the Signature Key Request form, or the PIN that was provided for this particular .csi file.
  5. In the Private Key Password field, type a password of at least eight characters. This is your private key password, which protects your private key.

    Note: If you lose this password, you must register with RIM again. If this password is stolen, contact RIM immediately to revoke your key.
  6. Click Register.
  7. Click Exit.
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 9 for the two remaining .csi files. Remember that you will use the same password for each .csi file.
  9. After successful registration of all the 3 .csi keys(RBB, RCR, RRT), you should be receiving 3 mails from If you doesn't receive any of these mails, then you must have missed registering the key, cross check with the mail and register it, using the steps mentioned above.

    If you have more than one BB JDE, then copy the sigtool.csk and sigtool.db files in the respective BB_JDE/bin directory. The 3 .csk files will be registered once per system. You don't have to register the .csk files for each of the JDE, once is enough.


    When trying to register the BlackBerry JDE signature key CSI files, you may receive the following error:
    This Signature Tool has already been registered with this signer.
    If you are attempting to register with the same signer twice, you will overwrite the previous registration.
    Password Incorrect.
    Please try again.


    You may have previous sigtool.csksigtool.set, or sigtool.db files still present in the bin folder of the BlackBerry JDE installation (for example, c:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.x.x\bin).Due to file virtualization these files may not be visible in Windows® Explorer or when searching the bin folder.


    To resolve this issue, complete the following:

    1. Using Windows Explorer, locate the BlackBerry JDE bin folder, which is usually located in Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.x.x\bin.
    2. If you are using Windows Vista™, click the Compatibility Files button to show any files hidden through file virtualization.
    3. Delete any sigtool.* files.
    4. Try registering your new BlacKBerry JDE signature key CSI files again.

    5. Details are available for the different tablets and versions, in the RIM site
      For the steps for building in diff platforms, check out rhomobile link.


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