Blackberry Webworks phonegap build issue with Windows(64bit)

In order to build a BB build using phonegap, provides a great guide. There are some issues which I faced and wanted to share the fixes, in cases you face the same :)

  1. 'ant' is not a recognized command After Apache Ant installation remember to add the ANT in your system's path variables.
    There should not be any place in between the ; and the starting of the path.
    Check 'ant -version' in the command prompt.
  2. ant
    Buildfile: build.xml does not exist!
    Build failedType in the command prompt 'ant -version'. There is no problem with ant installation.
  3. bbwp.exe [ERROR] Failed to run launch java.exe.
  • Downgrade the java from 6u-45/java7 to 6u-29.
  •  Add the newly installed java in environment variable's path.
  •  Open a new command prompt and check java -version. It should point to 32bit java version installed within the Program Files(x86).
  • The 64bit java and java version (6u45/java7) causes this problem in a Windows(64bit) machine. For details refer here.
  1. Not able to make a successful BB build --> "Double quotes not able to parse"
    Check out the java version in the file within the following folder in phonegap: C:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\BlackBerry WebWorks SDK\bin
  2. Not able to sign the BB build, using phonegap.
  • Add the blackberry.sigtool.password in the within C:\phonegap-2.7.0 (1)\phonegap-2.7.0\lib\blackberry\example folder.
  • Add the path correctly in the blackberry.bbwp.dir in the
  • Add the sigtool.csk, sigtool.bat, sigtool.db within the bin directory of your installed sdk.
  • Set  in the blackberry.xml file within the C:\phonegap-2.7.0 (1)\phonegap-2.7.0\lib\blackberry\example folder
If you face anything else,  feel free to add here, would happy to help :)


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