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Do what you hate

With all the buzz going with passion, zeal, steal the deal what is it about hatred and asking to do that. Not fair enough or maybe I am in my last stage of psychotic paranoia or maybe I need few more lines to explain this phrase. "Do what you hate, till you start to LOVE it" For not the things which are bounded by legal or ethical grounds,  mostly in our daily chores, we do hate to do so many stuffs.  It started with making the perfect round roti (chapati/tortilla kind bread), driving in traffic or driving as a whole, more so if you are from a congested part of the world. It might be doing the dishes while yearning for the magical wand or trying to finish the book or start it or writing the perfect software code and run with all the test cases or trying to love the cute little pug though it makes your house a mess. Whatever it may be, let's not hate it so much so we give it up and resort the second best option for us. Let's do it everyday,  let's do -do-do and on…

Chromecast titbits

Got a chromecast (device from Google to stream data directly from internet and cast on your TV). This is pretty similar to AppleTV, Amazon Fireplay, Roku TV stick etc.

There are many ways while setting up chromecast. I was trying from an ubuntu machine, but the Chromium browser in ubuntu doesn't allow chromecast setting up.

Hence I tried with my android phone, for which you need to install the chromecast app from Google Play store. That's it, plugin the chromecast device in your TV HDMI port and follow the instructions.

While installing the chromecast, I was facing he issue, that the WiFi network was not able to establish communication with the device. I have a Netgear N300 cable modem+router.

Following are the steps to troubleshoot the problem, from Netgear end.
There are the many troubleshooting ways suggested in the chromecast website.

Plug the LAN cable with your laptop.Open the page or to the Wireless Setup under the Advanced Ta…

Rabindranath Tagore Songs - Tomaye Gaan Shonabo - Rabindra Sangeet Colle...


Weekend Gateaways

Travel blog, started with the weekend gateaways from Mesa, Arizona in USA.
Check out the new section on Travel Bugs.

Einstein Riddle

According the post in Newspaper Guardian. ALex Bellos column, here goes the PROBLEM STATEMENT
Many variations have appeared over the years, including a simplified version in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Here I’ve updated the puzzle to reflect the 2015 Election, and the news story two weeks about the woman who painted stripes on her Kensington house in a protest about planning regulations. You may or may not be in the one per cent. But are you in the two per cent? There are five houses with the outside walls painted in five different ways. David, Ed, Nick, Nicola and Nigel each live in one of the houses. They each drink a certain type of coffee, have a preferred mode of transport and keep a certain pet. No owners have the same pet, the same preferred mode of transport or drink the same type of coffee.
Nicola lives in the tartan house.
Ed has a guinea pig
David drinks mochaccino
The paisley house is on the left of the gingham house.The owner of the paisley…

Learn MongoDB

Mongo(humongous) DB, the database which can store large amount of data. The best place to learn is none other from the horse's mouth...MongoDB university. It's completely free and the best one.

They have excellent courses, for app-developers (python is the language used for developing the blog app, but no prior knowledge is required or any other language/frameworks like ruby/rails with ruby-mongo drivers or mongoid gems are good enough too).

There are courses for DBAs & advanced concepts using MMS (Mongo monitoring services) too in other curriculum.

There are also other courses from Udacity

This one is a nice blog, explaining how can a toll be deeloped using MEAN stack using MongoDB aggregation pipeline for comparing the salaries by different Govt professions in USA.

So, in case you are interested and just wnated to know what this Mongo thing in the DB world, just take a deep dive and happy mongo-ing :)

Ansible ... the easier of the configurition management tool

If you want to keep your servers up and running in a spin , then are good  choices of such tools like chef / puppet /ansible. In case you want to learn ansible from scratch, which is an agent-less configuration management tool there are some pretty cool tutorials.

1. ryan eschinger daily emails delivered in your inbox. Signup for his newsletter.

2. There are some paid and few free too, in Discover Ansible.

3. I completely love the tutorials from Digital Ocean site, they are crisp, easy to grasp and concise.

Notes: It's easy if we have a basic background of the server/OS which we are trying to provision (set up the necessary softwares). For eg. if I am trying to install all related softwares to run a Ruby on Rails app in a linux machine, some linux terminologies will be helpful. For in depth concept, google it out and read from the linux man pages.

Node.js titbits

So, I thought to make my hands dirty with node.js. I was suppose to go into a meetup but alas was stuck with some last moment hassle. Anyways, here are some good stuffs I thought to jot down.

1. Video to go over the ExpressJS framework and get started. Though there are some changes in the latest version of express and how to get started the nodemon, request to look into the comments section or just google out the errors in the console.

Notes: I will be posting all the errors and the solutions I faced while making the app running in Windows soon. Till then stackoverflow and googling will be solving the issues.

2. Yes there are thousands of courses floating around. But I found this one really handy and quick to learn.  Github repo to start learning node.js

Keep a check on this part for more on MEAN stack and node.js.

Books & Film Section

Check out the new section in my blog (books & Films), book and film reviews kind. All opinions are strictly based on the books/films.

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