Learn MongoDB

Mongo(humongous) DB, the database which can store large amount of data. The best place to learn is none other from the horse's mouth...MongoDB university. It's completely free and the best one.

They have excellent courses, for app-developers (python is the language used for developing the blog app, but no prior knowledge is required or any other language/frameworks like ruby/rails with ruby-mongo drivers or mongoid gems are good enough too).

There are courses for DBAs & advanced concepts using MMS (Mongo monitoring services) too in other curriculum.

There are also other courses from Udacity

This one is a nice blog, explaining how can a toll be deeloped using MEAN stack using MongoDB aggregation pipeline for comparing the salaries by different Govt professions in USA. 

So, in case you are interested and just wnated to know what this Mongo thing in the DB world, just take a deep dive and happy mongo-ing :) 


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