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Weekend Gateaways

Travel blog, started with the weekend gateaways from Mesa, Arizona in USA.
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Einstein Riddle

According the post in Newspaper Guardian. ALex Bellos column, here goes the PROBLEM STATEMENT
Many variations have appeared over the years, including a simplified version in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Here I’ve updated the puzzle to reflect the 2015 Election, and the news story two weeks about the woman who painted stripes on her Kensington house in a protest about planning regulations. You may or may not be in the one per cent. But are you in the two per cent? There are five houses with the outside walls painted in five different ways. David, Ed, Nick, Nicola and Nigel each live in one of the houses. They each drink a certain type of coffee, have a preferred mode of transport and keep a certain pet. No owners have the same pet, the same preferred mode of transport or drink the same type of coffee.
Nicola lives in the tartan house.
Ed has a guinea pig
David drinks mochaccino
The paisley house is on the left of the gingham house.The owner of the paisley…