Like everyday morning,  it's always a rush hour for D.  Getting the child ready for school,  packing the Tiffins,  calling the cab and an extra checklist for today is packing and planning for tomorrow's family weekend trip. All is going as planned, fed A half boiled egg in the cab, some story telling seeing the numerous stuffs while way to such and then dropped A in school.  While going to office,  saw a person with seizure.  Passersby telling to smell leather stuffs.  D was thinking what can be the reasons to smell leather and just then realized "ohh,  we don't wear leather shoes these days.  It's sports shoes or rexin or plastic. " Getting late,  she boarded a bus,  luckily got a seat and started replying to the office emails from phone.  Suddenly the destination bus stop arrived and the bus was completely full.  It's difficult to maneuver the way from the end to the front of the ,  where the door is.  People were asking to help,  asked them to hand over the bag.  D got apprehensive,  the bag handed over nay not be handed back.  While getting down,  D asked the conductor for the ticket and gave money.  While giving the change,  the conductor smiled and told "Mam, I given you back the photo with the change".



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