I love clicking photos with my canon IS 120 camera, capturing everything which intrigues my neurons. They can be as bizarre to the normal people as cows grazing in the field, to the deep dark clouds on a stormy afternoon sky partially allowing the sunrays within it, to the group of school children returning from school with their eternal daily updates with their friends...would love to share some of them with a small description of each of them...happy viewing, and don't forget to post your true feedback :)

In Kumartali, Kolkata famoulsy known as craftsman's hub where idols are made. An integral part of all idol worshipping in Bengal. This pic has been taken before Kali Puja(Diwali) in 2013. It depicts hand of Goddess Kali blessing.  
Streams of  glass, part of a large light shade.
 Taken in Lowes Miami Beach Hotel, Florida, RubyConf Miami 2013.

The beautiful hues, before the rain in Bangalore, on a dusky Sunday. Nothing special for the Sunday, but Nature made it  marvelous, something even more than any special day. God, Almighty, Nature whatever or whoever it/He is, nothing but the BEST...
a note of Thank You to YOU

'Shades of Delhi'...apart from being the national capital of our India, the different shades of the people, food, market, roads..a single visit may not give you the entire taste but you will get the essence to come back, over and over again...

"Nature" favorite subject as I am never bored, it never gives me the same shade twice, though I am taking the same place in my camera, but it always leave me with the sense of awe and wonder, what are the different innumerable possibilities you have...I am spellbound always, when I come to you(nature)...


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