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We think we know/understand a subject as we have completely read about the topic. In the examination if the questions come outside the syllabus then we are often found to fumble. Why so? we have not analysed the text, we have not pondered on the words strewn into sentences and drawn a conclusion. we have not interpreted it. Is it because we were not taught to think. It's more important to think than "what to think". 

Likewise with people, we encounter in the stride called life, we assign a set of attributes to them depending on which book they fall (good/bad). Little to we realise, that those attributes are merely a reflection on what we think of them, instead what they actually are. And when the water ripples , establishing the fact that it's just a reflection we are startled(surprised/hurt/confused/angry). The interpretation is falsified, then the bubble bursts & it leaves a sudden void.

Void being the ultimate truth of the complete existentialism.


Scrolling Syndrome

While walking down the streets or in a bus, while looking into the streets filled with people walking, running, driving, sitting in different vehicles the only thing connecting them seems to be the rectangular device called mobile device. We are either scrolling up/down, listening to music, talking, texting, whatsapp, facebook.... so many apps so many things to explore within the mini world. Are we loosing anything outside the beep sound coming within the device, are we loosing some moments from life? Are we missing the sounds from nature, people speaking around us :) Maybe the honks of the cars drive us crazy sometimes and we better put the headphones on, but are we missing some essentials from life ? While scrolling up in the device where are we scrolling ?


Absent Please!

Something wrong with this morning. Rather something very weirdly normal, which is more factual like our existence  I will die is the truth as I am typing this on a fine Tuesday morning at 10:28a.m. I heard the  news of my father's friend's death today morning, he died yesterday, was suffering from cancer. Before 22 months, there was a person who was so very present and in the very next few hours, when the teacher was taking roll-call of the names, there was his friend telling "Absent Please". Life is bunch of people staying, sharing, strolling with you and imprints of the people who are absent. Life is a switch with two discrete states "On/Off", either you are physically present(On) or not(off). The mental state is always on, you keep on remembering those people, those imprinted memories engraved in every niche of your neurons, it is a continuous as the flow of matter. Nothing is indivisible, smaller we break the discrete particles, more continuous it becomes, more integrated it is with our life.


The Sunray blends with the night sky,

  The dawn breaks open

     Heralds a new day before me!

I slept yesterday,

  Under the star-studded sky,

    With the sounds of the whispering crickets’ keep crawling in my ears!

I open my eyes,

   A Fresh new morning with new thoughts!

     We strive hard in our life, to make our dream come true

As we forget the nightmares in our sleep,

  Oh Lord! Let us forget our  past

    Wake up from the sleep.

Emerge from within,

Start Afresh,

Think from within,

Think a new!


(Originally published on Friday, February 12, 2010)

Learnings for Life

Some of the best learnings which I learned in this year.
The first two are learnt from the awesome one-act play by the great Indian artist Anupam Kher, named "Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hein" screened on 3rd January 2010, in NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai.
1) Don't go over your worry twice! once by thinking of it, and once by going through it!
This has been told to Anupam Kher by his grandfather.
2) If you take risk you may get failure, if you don't then you ensure it!

Though the word "best" attributes to a single thing but still it can be pointed out that learning whenever and wherever they are , they are always the "best".

3)The cumulative effect of all the organisms that we touch upon in our lives makes us what we are (as stated by Mr. Sudhakar, Tata Chemicals), in one of the seminars I attended lately.
4) Leaders have the capability to treat others with equality and humanity. Such an impeccable flavour of leadership without the heavy hearted words giving us the feeling of domination, perfectionism, authoritarian is rarely to be found in anybodies definition of leadership.

(Originally published on Saturday, June 26, 2010 )


The tall trees moving vehemently with the strong winds, thunderstorms crackling through the dark, deep sky like millions of diamonds in a systematic unsymmetrical line. I stood awestruck on the beach, the waves splashing against my feet and left behind the curious feeling of the wet sands in between the toes while they retreated to meet the sea again. What a feeling may Lord! I sighed, inhaled all the breeze, the air travelling all across the finest of alveolar spread across my entire being.
Lets welcome the life, lets breath the happiness, lets cry for the joy within.
(Originally published on Thursday, September 2, 2010)

I Love you...Rasna

There was queer habit of mine to store the things for the perfect time.

A simple, incident describing this. It was in our school days, when the sachet concept was not in vogue like these days. I got a free sachet of Rasna(a fruit drink, in powder form) from our local grocery shop. I was so excited that I kept it for a long period of time. Each day, when I return from school, I would have seen the sachet on our centre table in the drawing room and thought , I would have it when I would be more tired and thirsty .

Couple of days passed and suddenly I found that the sachet was no more on it's place.
I searched the entire place, from the pile of newspapers, our telephone diaries (we don't use to have contacts in our cell phone to store the numbers during that time).

Alas! it was not there.

My Brother returned home, and to my surprise he asked me the place from where I got that Rasna sachet? He had it, few days back!!!

My Learning:- Don't wait for the ideal and the perfect situation, whatever and wherever you are you can make it perfect.
(Originally published on Wednesday, January 26, 2011)

Goal...go go, Santiago

Watched the awesome movie 'Goal' (English). The protagonist Santiago Munez inspires all to chase a dream and I am no exception. The young boy suffered from asthma and tried of hiding  that, fearing he may loose the chance to play in one of the premium football teams. When the selector came to know of this fact, quite contrary to my expectation of a person in such a situation, he told, "Asthma is not a problem, but lying is!". What a thought, and what a way of expressing that. Many a times I keep on thinking the different physical criteria which are necessary for applying for  job of our dream, such as in army, air force, ballet dancer or a soccer player.But rare do we listen such a noble thought of handling our physical problems and to deal with it medically rather hiding it.
    Similar to working in a team, be it in our school project to make a poster or to finish up the lab assignments in the college days to our present official deadlines, we need to "Pass the ball" in the soccer field. We need to learn that the ball runs faster and the more effectively we can delegate/distribute the work, more effective will be the ball in reaching the goal-post. It reminds us that to work in a team, the work is more important than the worker, hence it has been aptly said, the team's name in jersey is written in front and the player's in the back.
    Though Santiago's father was against his dream of becoming a footballer but at the end he was also convinced by his passion. Though he passed away and may not be physically present to witness him playing but he was seeing that from above. Whatever grief we may face in  our life, which is not in our hands, we may learn to think that life and death are not in  our hands and we may learn to live life with realising the eternal truth and "All  things in our life is not in our hands."


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