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Located in south of Arizona, Tuscon is one of the scenic places and a perfect place for a weekend trip. There are plenty ofthings to do in Tuscon, of which sunset in Mount Lemmon & Cave sight-seeing of Kartchner Cave are splendid.

Road To Mount Lemmon
Mount Lemmon is around 42 miles from Tuscon, by car. The road is splendid, with tall green trees, rock-piled kind mountains and tall cacti on both sides of the roads. There is a good deal of desert plants and birds visible.

Sunset, From windy-point, Mount Lemmon
Mount Lemmon
A good sunset point is windy-point, though you can drive upto the end of summer haven during the summer time, where there is a good cafe. It's pretty cool and temperature falls drastically after sunset, so a jacket with hood will be good even during hot summer.

Road to Mount Lemmon

Kartchner Cave is a splendid natural live cave which is around 52miles from Tuscon by car.

Cactus, typical of Arizona Desert

 You are not allowed to carry anything inside the cave (NO water, food, purse, mobile, camera). But don't feel bad, you will get a lifetime experience and carry the photographic cave interiors inside your mind. The cave is primarily made of calcium deposition, stalactites and stalagmites and other kinds of rocks. There is a meuseum and a video running every 15 mins showing the cave explorers and the cave history. It's humid inside the cave, around 0.5 mile for the 1.5 hour guided tour inside the rotunda room.

Taken from official website

Taken from official website

Before entering the cave, there are plenty of indicator plants (which grow near the areas having calcium deposition). It's a live cave, you still see water trickling down the stalactites and glistening the surfaces. And if you are lucky to get such a drop of water trickled on you, you are "Cave Kissed" :)

Indicator Plants and Mount Wheston behind

Must see for all , splendid for hiking and star gazing.
Contact the Park official and visit the website before planning 


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